Your immune system keeps you alive from millions of bacteria, microbes, viruses, toxins and parasites that want to invade and destroy your body. Take a look at how highly coordinated (and ferocious) your immune system is as it rallies to your defense.

Video Summary

Every day, your body uses its immune system to carry out a number of essential functions. It handles monitoring, killing off infections, destroying infected cells, activating other cells, causing inflammation and fighting worms, just to name a handful. There is also a vast network of communication going on at all times as well. 21 different cells with one of four different jobs and two protein sources fuel the immune system’s ability to keep you safe from harm, whatever the threat may be. If your initial protection, microphages, can’t ward off an infection, neutrophils, the dendritic cell and anti-virus and anti-bacteria forces are always ready for war, pulling off complex maneuvers so most enemies don’t stand a chance.