The world’s most accurate clock has been created by researchers at the University of Tokyo. The clock can track time to 17 decimal places.

Video Summary

Optical lattice clocks are far better than their atomic predecessors. The former tracks single atoms over long periods of time. However, this one can track a million atoms at once, allowing it to measure time a million times f aster. This might not seem like that big of an accomplishment. After all, most of us track time a lot differently and it seems to be working. However, with an 18-digit clock like this one, we can actually start seeing the true nature of time. For example, this optical lattice clock has proven that gravity actually has an effect on time. We can now get a true appreciation for the relativity of time and how space-time can be distorted. Soon, we’ll have even more of these clocks, using different atoms to track time. The more atoms we try, the closer we will get to gaining an even better understanding of how time truly works.