Compared to a bottle of soda, water isn’t expensive at all. In fact, they both cost the same. Compared to regular tap water, however, that cost difference is pretty high. How did such a basic commodity in a plastic bottle become so pricey?

Video Summary

If everyone used only bottled water for cooking, bathing, and flushing the toilet, their water bill could be as high as $9,000 each month. Obviously, much of the expenses go into the bottle itself and how it’s marketed and transported. Each dollar for bottled water covers 33 cents in transportation costs. For each liter of bottled water consumed, the production process used twice that amount. Obtaining the water itself is also costly, since “free water,” is still paid for by taxes. Still the most expensive aspect of bottled water is the marketing. It takes a lot to convince the general public to purchase something that surrounds them every day.