Falling in love is romantic, but the truth is your brain and your five senses are part of a complex series of calculations that determine why you are attracted to someone. Learn about the science of attraction.

Video Summary

Evolution dictates that you look for a mate who gives you the best chance of producing healthy offspring. Beauty standards may be slightly different around the world, but we know that there is also plenty that all cultures have in common. For example, there are pheromones. These are scents people give off when they are attracted to someone, though you can’t consciously perceive them. Furthermore, when a woman gives off this scent, men’s testosterone levels will immediately shoot up. Men like women with higher, breathier voices, which signals they would make a good mate. Women prefer men with lower voices, as it usually belongs to a potential partner with a larger, stronger frame. Once you’ve found someone you like, your body swells with norepinephrine. Amongst other things, this drug gives you tunnel vision, distorting your sense of time and improving your memory. This is why most people never forget their first kiss.