Narcolepsy is a neurological disorder that causes periods of extreme daytime sleepiness. Extreme cases of this disorder will cause people to fall asleep suddenly, even while being active. Cataplexy is a condition that causes a sudden loss of muscle tone. This poor girl has both, but she bravely made a video to educate others about her ordeal.

Video Summary

While filming herself working on a dance routine, Sarah Elizabeth suffered an attack of narcolepsy. She has provided this video to the public to educate others about what narcolepsy truly involves. In the video, Sarah is dancing one moment before she suddenly drops to the floor from the onset of her condition (this initial occurrence is called cataplexy). Once she wakes up, it takes Sarah several minutes to fully understand what just happened and carry on with her routine. In fact, she frequently has to stop and check her notes as confusion sets in. As this video will soon make clear, narcolepsy is no laughing matter, but instead a debilitating burden.