The city of Caracas, Venezuela holds a remarkable skyscraper. It’s not famous for its height or engineering, but for its current sad state – the skyscraper is home to numerous squatters on every floor. Vocativ enters the tower and reveals the inhabitants inside.

Video Summary

After years of discontent and inadequate housing, squatters moved into the unfinished Tower of David, turning it into the world’s tallest slum. The 45 story building was originally meant as a symbol of Venezuela’s future, but when the banking crisis hit, the building went unfinished. With a lack of housing available to people, the unused tower became home to a number of families and others who had nowhere else to live. It is feared as a dangerous place by many outsiders, but in reality, the skyscraper is largely inhabited by families. The tower even boasts a communal electrical grid and an aqueduct system for water.