One in ten people over the age of 65 are afflicted with Alzheimer’s. Unfortunately, anyone could be at risk for this fatal disease. Here’s a simple video on how this tragic disease slowly spreads and affects the brain.

Video Summary

Alzheimer’s disease is caused when two different abnormal protein cells in the brain, called plaques and tangles, multiply and begin to destroy healthy brain cells. This process usually begins in the hippocampus, the part responsible for nearly formed memories, and gradually begins to make even the most recent recollections impossible. Over time, the plaques and tangles move on to other portions of the brain and begin to destroy them as well. One by one, language, emotions, and logical thinking are all lost. Eventually, the sections of the brain that control balance, movement, and even breathing are all lost. While there is no known cure, increased awareness of the disease and how it functions can help us to better understand how to treat it.