The capital city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo is using an innovative robot technology to control traffic. These two “robocops” might not have real eyes but they are wearing the Kinshasa cop’s signature sunglasses and have a humanoid form.

Video Summary

The robot traffic cops are equipped with four cameras that record traffic flow, and then the information is transmitted to a center where it is analyzed for traffic infractions and tickets are then issued. The team behind the robots are a group of engineers from Kinshasa’s Higher Institute of Applied Techniques. The government is looking to recover the money it has invested in roads and the robot issued tickets are one way to do that. Inventors are hopeful the government will further support the robocop initiative and place them on more roads in the city to help handle congestion. So far they seem to be helping and that’s buying more time for Kinshasa to build their way out of congestion.