Recently, a Nigerian farmer won in a court case against Royal Dutch Shell, in which the company was found liable for not securing its pipelines against oil pirates. This is just one of many battles that the people of Nigeria face against oil contamination. Vice investigates.

Video Summary

In 2013, there were five court cases against Shell that took place in Nigeria. Only one, filed by a fish farmer, Elder Friday Apkan, was upheld and compensated. Shell claims that much of this pollution is the result of pirates, who tap into the pipelines and run smaller refineries. The locals, on the other hand, point the finger at Shell, a major company who came in from another country to take their oil and use it for profit. Since they are the ones who started this operation, Nigerians are pushing for the people of Shell to head the clean-up from the oil spills, protect the pipelines, and give some of their wealth back to the locals.