Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, may not be on everyone’s list of places to travel, but it definitely should be. In a few short years since independence from the Soviet Union, Tallinn has transformed itself into a vibrant, westward leaning European city, while holding on to plenty of cool quirks. What I Learned host Jason Togen finds the best of what Tallinn has to offer.

Video Summary

Tallinn, Estonia’s largest city, is home to about 400,000 residents. Public transportation is free to all Tallinn residents, who have a great love of local fish markets and betting on horse races. Tourists can not only check out these events but also several famous locations such as the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds and the now closed Patarei Prison. There is also no shortage of bars in the city, one of the best being entirely made of ice. There is also another spot called Old Hansa, a historically accurate restaurant with bear meat on the menu and servers who dress like wenches.