We all know the universe is vast, but have you ever considered the various objects that make it up? Compare the sizes of an entire range of objects from the absolute tiniest all the way through dinosaurs, states, planets and the universe itself.

Video Summary

This video will help you better appreciate your spot in the universe, which is to say it’s a small one. Though, compared to many objects highlighted in the video, we’re virtually gigantic. From sub-atomic particles, it pans out, rapidly showing you object after object in relation to the others. It covers coffee beans, sunflowers, vehicles, dinosaurs, blue whales, the Titanic, Vatican City, Mount Everest, whole countries, Earth, other planets, the sun, nebulas and much more. Chances are you didn’t even know a lot of these objects out in space even existed. The video finally ends by showing us the universe as we know it and then the estimated size, a truly stunning portrait.