You’ll never get to live in the International Space Station (ISS), so here’s the next best thing. Enjoy a remarkable end-to-end tour of the ISS.

Video Summary

The ISS is quite large.  Its size is roughly equivalent to that of a football field (including the end zones).  The aggregate volume of the pressurized sections of the ISS is about the size of a six-bedroom house.  Although it is large, the station’s configuration is flexible due to its modular structure, meaning parts of the ISS can be added or removed.  The modules are shaped like canisters and spheres, and are contributed and owned by different nations.  In the video, we travel from the Soyuz module, the very back end of the station, to the far end, where the space shuttle Columbus is docked.  Along the way, we see the service module, the docking compartment, a science module, the lab, the gym and more.