Scotch is an acquired taste, but there’s centuries-old history and careful work in every drop. See just what goes into making this time-honored drink.

Video Summary

Scotch whisky is made from three ingredients: barley, yeast, and water. The first step is to malt the barley by steeping it in water. After it sprouts, it is fired in a kiln. Next, the barley is milled and mixed with water, and then it goes into a mash ton. This creates wort, a sugary liquid that will be fermented by the brewing yeast to produce alcohol. The wort is then put into washbacks. This is where the yeast is added to create a weak alcoholic liquid, called wash. The wash is then put into copper kettles that send the alcohol vapors up their necks to be condensed and collected. After it leaves the kettles it goes through the spirit safe, which is used by customs to measure every drop made. This is where the master distiller separates the high quality liquid from the low quality liquid. From here the whisky is put into barrels and left to mature for at least three years. Once the distiller is satisfied with it, the whisky is finished and bottled.