Telepathy is now a real thing. Though it was very rudimentary, test subjects in an experiment were able to speak with one another over the Internet without the use of sight or sound, effectively achieving brain to brain communication.

Video Summary

International researchers from three different labs in Europe and America recently teamed up to push the limits of brain communication technology. Scientists essentially connected electrodes to the subjects. They would then think about the word “hello” in one of two languages. At the same time, they would move a limb that corresponded to binary code. Via the Internet, that binary code direction would send a message across countries to the other subject, who were blindfolded and had earplugs in. The electrodes connected to their brain would produce impulses that allowed them to accept the communication. The promise this holds for the future is huge. This kind of technology will potentially be able to help people who are deaf and/or blind communicate with those around them.