Mosquitoes are hated by all, but some people should be even more worried about them than others. Only one out of every five people is an ideal target for bites. There are many factors that play into this, and they are not exactly the most obvious ones.

Video Summary

First thing’s first, not every mosquito bites. In fact, female mosquitoes are far more likely to seek out warm blood than males, as they need it for developing eggs. Furthermore, they choose their targets based on several aspects. The main one is the bacteria on our skin. About one trillion microbes live on your skin and create body odor. Most people only have about 10% of their microbes in common, so some people have uniquely attractive microbes to mosquitos. Another factor is carbon dioxide, which humans emit every time they exhale. The larger the person, the more carbon dioxide they will exhale, and the more mosquitos they will attract. The final two factors are heat and movement, as insects are always drawn more to those engaging in physical activity.