It’s easy to take for granted the planet that we live on.  Kurzgesagt takes us on a fascinating tour of Earth’s origins and its size and scale.  Here’s a ton of surprising facts about our humble planet in just seven minutes.

Video Summary

Take a crash course on amazing Earth facts – how it was formed, what the planet consists of, what makes up our atmosphere, etc.   Some cool facts in the video include:  The Earth’s age is one third of that of the Universe.  2.5% of the Earth’s water is fresh, and 69% of that fresh water is in the form of glaciers and ice caps.  The Earth’s inner core is 70% of the size of the moon.  Earth’s magnetic field diverts high energy particles from space, preventing high levels of radiation from impacting the earth, but we’re no really sure why it’s there.  Finally, the Earth’s air is only 0.04% carbon dioxide.