The Magdalenians existed many millennia ago, but their amazing cave paintings still exist today. Inside the Lascaux Caves in the Dordogne region of France, Rick Steves shows us examples of how seriously these prehistoric people took their art.

Video Summary

Today, Lascaux is actually off limits to the public. In the past, millions of tourists made the trek, but unfortunately, they brought too many contaminants with them—from fungus on their shoes to the carbon dioxide they exhaled. In 1983, Lascaux II, a meticulous replication was created so that tourists could still enjoy this ancient art. At the site’s museum there are many prehistoric artifacts to see (e.g. fish hooks, spears, decorations, oil lamps, etc.). While we could consider the Magdalenians cavemen, it’s clear that they were far more sophisticated than that term may have you imagine.