It’s fresh food vs. frozen food. Fresh food is always better than frozen food, right? Well, fresh food may taste better than frozen food, but does it have an edge in nutrition too? ASAP Science explains why frozen fruits and vegetables can often be superior to their fresh counterparts.

Video Summary

Oftentimes, the food on store shelves was harvested in an under-ripe state, meaning it was not at its peak nutrition. As fresh food decays during transportation or simply sitting in your fridge, it may lose up to 50% of its nutritional value. Frozen foods, in contrast, are picked when they are ripe and frozen immediately, minimizing the loss of nutrition. In terms of nutritional value, frozen broccoli, blueberries and Brussel sprouts beat their fresh counterparts in stores. Of course, eating freshly picked and ripe fruits and vegetables maximizes nutritional intake, but that’s not practical most of the time.