Bill Gates introduces a game-changing processing machine that turns sewer sludge into electricity and drinking water. Added bonus: watch Bill Gates drink water made from human waste!

Video Summary

Safe sanitation is a big problem in the developing world. More than 2.5 billion people live without it. But engineers may have found a solution. The Janicki Omniprocessor takes sewer sludge and turns it into clear drinking water, electricity, and pathogen free ash. The sludge is boiled, removing the water vapor. The vapor is then processed and cleaned, turning it into safe drinking water. The dried sludge is fed into a fire. This process creates steam which powers a steam engine generator that creates electricity that partly runs the machine and partly gets sent out for community use. This is a big deal because the systems that we have in the developed world may be more sophisticated, but the developing world needs a simpler system, and the Janicki Omniprocessor is just that. The great thing about it is that the machine encourages entrepreneurship. The owner of the processor gets paid for the sludge input and the resources (electricity, water, ash) that it outputs.