The ocean contains eighty percent of Earth’s life-forms. One of its greatest inhabitants, the shark, has been around for nearly 400 million years and survived five major extinctions. Unfortunately, overfishing is now threatening not only their existence, but all other forms of life in the ocean.

Video Summary

As of today, ninety percent of the shark population has died out as a result of overfishing and an increasing demand across China for shark-fin soup. Even more troublesome is that this is only a small example of what careless industrial fishing practices worldwide have done to life in the ocean. Every single year, humans discard 40 billion pounds of fish that were not intended to be caught, many of these species being predators. Studies show that, if these practices continue, seafood could run out completely by the year 2048. There is still hope, however, as more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of this issue and are pushing for more restrictions on industrialized fishing.