If the first thing you think of when someone mentions Idaho is “potatoes,” it’s time you learn about the amazing Thousand Springs Falls and Shoshone Falls.

Video Summary

When water comes down from the mountains of Idaho and reaches the porous basalt soil below, it gets soaked up as if it had landed on a sponge. For 200 years, this water will travel a distance of 120 miles while underground. After its southern migration, the water will be released through hundreds of waterfalls. The volcanic soil the water had to move through makes it crystal clear and rich in oxygen. Nothing compares to Shoshone Falls though. At 200 feet high, the waterfalls actually rival the size of Niagara Falls and are an impressive 1,000 feet wide. The “Niagara of the West”, as it’s often called, the site is best enjoyed during the spring when snow melts and water comes swells the Snake River.