When ants find food on the ground, they follow specific steps for getting it back to their home, a technical strategy is followed to help get as much of it back to their home as possible. Between brute force and pheromones, there’s practically nothing these ants can’t handle.

Video Summary

Once ants locate a food source, it can look like anarchy breaks out. In reality, they begin a well-orchestrated process of dismantling, transferring and consuming the item. If it’s living, they’ll make quick work of killing it. They can also release pheromones to alert others that they need help if the creature poses a challenge. Otherwise, their pheromones will simply recruit hundreds of their fellow ants to come assist with tearing the item apart and shipping it back. While some food will be brought back whole, most of it makes the trip in the belly of the ant. Back at the nest, it will regurgitate it back up for others.