Some pretty amazing things happen to you when you are next to a black hole. As Kurz Gesagt explains, in both cases you’re not going to survive, but at least it’s spectacular.

Video Summary

What happens to you depends on the mass or width of the black hole. If the black hole has the mass of a nickel, the radius of the hole would be about 10 to the power of -30 meters. This is significantly less than a hydrogen atom. The small black hole would have an unimaginably short lifespan. It would radiate its mass away in 10 to the power of -23 seconds. Although that time is super short, it would lead to an explosion 3 times bigger than the atomic bombs dropped in WW II. If the black hole were as wide as a nickel, it would have huge mass (about the mass of the Earth).  The hole would have a surface gravity a billion billion times (that’s no typo) greater than the Earth’s. Your individual cells would be instantaneously ripped apart. The Earth would be consumed on the inside. What’s left of it is a disk of hot rock, surrounding the black hole in a tight orbit.