Unlike a lot of fruits and vegetables, pineapples aren’t easy to grow. There is little in the process of growing pineapples that can be automated. Instead, it takes a small army of experienced workers and as long as 16 months just to create one of these tasty fruits.

Video Summary

A pineapple is actually made from older, “mother plants.” There are two kinds: suckers and slips. The former are shoots that grow from the stem of the plant and slips are shoots that grow at the base of the fruit. These have to be harvested by expert workers, who know what to look for from both. The workers will inspect them for quality and even weigh them, so a uniform amount of these plants are spread out over the field. Later, microorganisms will be used to help jumpstart the growing process. After the earth is properly prepared, drainage systems will be dug out before the suckers are planted by hand at a rate of 5,000 a day.