America is big place (geographically and linguistically). Even though English is by far the dominant language in the USA, it’s spoken differently from region to region. This video by the Atlantic maps the large variety of American dialects.

Video Summary

At least 10 distinct dialects of English are spoken in the United States. Most people in the US don’t really think they speak with an accent, but there are in fact a number of differences in how people refer to things in the country. The most popular difference is what a sweet fizzy drink is called. In the Midwest it is called pop. The East and West Coast call it soda. In the South it’s simply called Coke. Other terms that differ include: what to call a sandwich with cold cuts and lettuce (most of the country calls it a sub, but in New York it’s a hero, and in Louisiana it’s a po boy); how to address a group of people (in the South it’s y’all, in most of the country it’s you guys, and in some other areas of the country it’s you’s).