Pop Rocks is an old favorite among candy lovers. There’s actually some pretty interesting science behind the creation of this treat. Applied Science takes a crack at making Pop Rocks candy. It actually isn’t easy!

Video Summary

Essentially, Pop Rocks is just carbonated sugar candy. When you put the candy on your tongue, the candy dissolves and the trapped carbon dioxide escapes, making the popping sensation. The sugar mixture itself is made in a pan with sugar, water, corn syrup and cream of tartar, as well as any desired flavoring. Using a thermometer, keep track of the temperature until it’s 280 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the mixture has reached the correct temperature, it is poured into a reactionary chamber and stirred using a power drill for three to four minutes. As it is stirred, the chamber is attached to a CO2 tank with 600 psi of pressure. Once the candy is taken out of the chamber, it will come out in cracked, broken pieces just like the Pop Rocks bought in any store.