Though many Americans believe their form of democracy is the best, the truth is America’s two-party system is rather undemocratic. In fact, most democratic countries have done away with this flawed system in exchange for more variety in political representation.

Video Summary

Many other democracies, such as Germany, Brazil, and Italy, have six major parties each, as well as many different smaller ones. Some democracies even have as many as 18 parties, like Israel. This provides more options for the people. The first step to removing the two-party system would be to eliminate winner-take-all elections, which guarantee the winner a spot even if they only win by one vote. Instead, a better democratic system would allow proportional representation, which allows the voter to select the party they want to win, not the candidate. For example, if the Democratic Party gets 40 percent of the vote, 40 percent of the seats in Congress would go to that party’s candidates. This allows smaller parties to gain a share of seats in the house, even though they did not “win” the entire election. As a result of this system, more citizens become passionate and involved in politics, since their voice can be heard more easily. There is another option, available in Australia, New Zealand, and actually many American municipalities, which allows voters to rank the candidates they want, rather than just select one.