Everyone is familiar with the traditional method of making stove-top popcorn. Alton Brown, on the other hand, has another method to make the perfect popcorn, leaving no kernel unpopped or burned.

Video Summary

Find a large, stainless-steel bowl that can fit about sixteen quarts. The bowl is the perfect shape, letting the oil and unpopped kernels pool at the bottom, while popped kernels rise up the bowl. Add three tablespoons of a neutral oil and half a cup of corn kernels. It is best to apply the salt, which can be pulverized into a fine powder, to the kernels just before popping them. Place a sheet of aluminum foil over the bowl and poke a few holes to let out the steam. Turn the stove on to medium heat, grip the rim of the bowl with a pair of tongs, and use them to shake the bowl in order to prevent the popped pieces from burning. Pick up the pace on the shaking when the popping begins to subside. For those who like butter, it can be added just after the bowl has been taken off of the stove.