Racism and old witchcraft beliefs in Tanzania have created a dreadful situation for albinos in that country. Scores of albino Tanzanians have been murdered over the many years. BBC News investigates.

Video Summary

Mwanza was once known as the capital of witchcraft in Tanzania, where it is highly believed that the body parts of an albino can bring wealth. It’s estimated that more than 33,000 of Tanzania’s residents are living with albinism, and many have been killed within the last three years. Yet their government seems to be doing little to provide justice for the victims and their families. Lack of evidence is definitely an impediment, but another concern is the lack of activism that occurs in areas where albinos reside. Campaigns are prevalent in urban areas, but most albinos live in remote areas as a result of either being outcast or seeking refuge. Many albinos and their families continue to plead with local governments in hopes that more will be done.