Travel back to Rome in 73 AD and follow a boy named Lucius Popidius Secundus as he goes about his day. It’s amazing how civilized, comfortable, yet worrisome life is in Ancient Rome for a young male citizen.

Video Summary

The subject of the video is a 17 year old boy named Lucius. He’s not from a poor family and lives near the center of Rome. Lucius has almost completed his education and can read Latin and Greek. At 17 Lucius can choose to become a military tribune, but he’s not trusted yet to arrange business deals. Also, his father has already arranged for his marriage to a girl 10 years younger. In the morning the fathers and uncles take the boys to the Forum Augustus to see statues of Rome’s famous warriors. In the afternoon, Lucius and his family go to the public baths, where they dip in pools, get oiled, and have massages. Later, he heads home to have dinner, where slaves attend to their dining needs. There is heaving drinking into the night.