Dog lovers like to discuss what canines really see. Is it true they only see black and white? What is the difference between a dog’s vision and a human’s vision?

Video Summary

Vision is the outcome of the teamwork between rods, cones and ganglion cells. Rods are responsible for light and dark, and cones function to perceive color. Human eyes have approximately 6 million cone receptors and 120 million rod receptors. In contrast, dog eyes have only 20% of the number of human cone receptors, but far more rod receptors. In fact, canine eyes are five times more sensitive to light than human eyes. Dogs can sense only two basic colors, yellow and blue, as compared to the three colors we see. This means dogs can only perceive about 10,000 different colors, which is far less than the 1,000,000 colors we see. Dogs can’t perceive the color red at all. They are also far more near sighted than we are. However, dogs do have some advantages over us, such as a much better field of vision and night vision.