There are dangerous chemicals, and then there are chemicals that are so deadly that even Nazi soldiers were too afraid to use them. The SciShow takes a closer look at the absolute worst of the worst.

Video Summary

First, there is Chlorine Trifluoride, which can burn even non-flammable substances such as bricks or asbestos. It was originally meant to be used during World War II as a Nazi weapon, but was abandoned because it was deemed too dangerous. Azidoazide Azide is known as the most explosive chemical compound ever created. It contains so many nitrogen compounds that it can’t even be measured properly without erupting. Dimethylcadmium is so deadly that even a single whiff can send high levels of cadmium into a person’s bloodstream. Even cleaning up a simple spill is dangerous, as it can set fire to water. Thioacetone’s smell is so strong and unpleasant that even a single drop can be smelled from half a kilometer away. Finally, there’s Flouroantimonic Acid, which is so potent it can even burn through human bones.